12 February 2019

12th February 1812 - First Patients enter a County Asylum

After the 1808 act for the better Care and Maintenance of Lunatics in England, the first county asylum to be built and opened was the General Lunatic Asylum at Nottingham. It was financed at a County level with contributions from local parishes.

The official opening was on 11th October 1811, and the first patients were admitted on 12th February 1812 - six paupers from St. Mary's parish.

Following the example of the York Retreat, opened by the Quakers in 1796, patients, in the new County regime, were supposed to be treated kindly, with minimal restraint and without corporal punishment. However, reading the account given by the The Thoroton Society of Nottingham, patients did undergo treatments such as the revolving chair where they where spun round until sick or unconscious. And worse.

Thankyou to The Thoroton Society of Nottingham for the date, and the details.

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