01 January 2019

1st January 1796 - York Retreat founded

1st January 1796 — The first executive committee meeting of The Retreat, at York, England, was held. Founded by William Tuke, it was opened to patients in 1796. The Retreat was one of the first institutions to provide humane treatment for people with mental illness, and was run by the Quakers. It led the way in the England for better mental health care.

The hospital, is still run by a charitable organisation, and on 1st January 2019 closed inpatient and residential services. There were increasing problems with government funding, and as a listed building the hospital found it difficult to adapt to modern standards.

The Retreat will continue to run outpatient services at the Tuke Centre, including autism, ADHD ,community psychological assessment and therapy services. But on January 1st 2019 its learning disabilities residential service were moved to Mencap, and services for eating disorders and complex trauma services were transferred to the German originated Schoen Clinic. Other inpatient services ended.

(The mural above was created in 2014 and displayed in the central corridor at The Retreat)

Thankyou to http://todayinpsychologyhistory.pbworks.com for the date, and The Yorkshire Post for the update about recent developments.

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