15 January 2019

15th January 1842 - Josef Breuer was born

On 15th January 1842, Josef Breuer was born.  He was a successful physician and expert in neurophysiology who lived and worked in Vienna and contributed to the emergence of Psychoanalysis.

He recognised that people suffering hysteria (with symptoms like paralyses and tremors) had a real psychological condition and were not malingering. With the patient 'Anna O' he developed a talking cure. Through hypnosis and free association, forgotten remnants from the past were uncovered and the patient brought to an emotional catharsis. He theorised that a build-up of suppressed emotions and psychic traumas could be discovered and resolved by talking. Josef Breuer told Sigmund Freud about Anna O and together they published Studies on Hysteria. His protege Freud  would firmly establish Psychoanalysis, the talking cure, as a treatment for psychologically based conditions.

Thankyou to Jan 15th on Wikipedia for this date.

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