17 January 2019

17th January 1853 - Buckingham Asylum opened

Buckingham County Pauper Lunatic Asylum opened for the reception of patients on 17th January 1853.

Over time there were name changes as old terms fell out of favour. Pauper was dropped in 1893, lunatic in 1915. It became the Buckingham Mental Hospital in 1919, and the St John's Hospital, Stone after the foundation of the NHS in 1948.

St John’s Hospital was closed in 1991 by Oxford and Trent Regional Health Authority. Most of the buildings were demolished and a private housing estate developed on the site. Only the chapel and a few staff houses remain.

Thankyou for the date to the book Buckinghamshire County Pauper Lunatic Asylum - St. John's by John Crammer. Available on Amazon and elsewhere. Some details came from the link https://www.countyasylums.co.uk/st-johns-stone/.

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