18 January 2019

18th January 1919 - Prince John dies from epilepsy

 On 18th January 1919, King George V and Queen Mary lost their beloved youngest son, Prince John, at the age of thirteen. Newspapers reported that he 'passed away in his sleep, following an attack of epilepsy, at Sandringham.'  There followed a month of mourning, and fourteen days half mourning. As a result of his delicate health John had been unable to attend many public functions and was cared for at Sandringham.

He became the subject of a film in 2003, The Lost Prince. The Internet Biography on Wikipedia suggests that he had learning difficulties.

Thankyou to Mental Health History Timeline for the date. A search on https://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/ gave details of the cause of death and public mourning.

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