24 January 2019

24th January 1995 - Better Care in the Community

On 24th January 1995 Tessa Jowell, helped present a petition of 100,472 signatures supporting better Community Care (Rights to Mental Health Services).

Later on that same day she presented to parliament the Community Care (Rights to Mental Health Services) Bill.

As part of her speech she said "...There is now unquestioned and universal agreement about what makes care in the community work - agreement that was validated by research in the mid-1960s, and confirmed by numerous studies since then, and by the experience of mentally ill people themselves during the past 30 years. The essential elements of community care are stable accommodation, the support of a named key worker, day care and access to crisis services that are available 24 hours a day and not as, unfortunately, is still too often the case - only from 9 to 5. Shamefully, whether a person secures the services that he needs, when he needs them and for as long as he needs them, still depends on a geographical lottery. The level, range and quality of provision varies enormously from one district to another. Eligibility varies. Is it any wonder that mentally ill people desperate for help just get lost, sometimes with tragic consequences?"

Tessa Jowell was again in the news on 24th January 2018. 'Tessa Jowell has called for patients to be able to trial more experimental cancer treatments on the NHS as she spoke about being diagnosed with a brain tumour...'

Thankyou to Mental Health History Timeline for the date.

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