25 January 2019

25th January 1759 - Rabbie Burns' Blue Devils

Robert Burns was born on 25th January 1759,and Burns Night is celebrated on his birthday. He is one of Scotland’s most important literary figures.

There is a blog set up by a University of Glasgow research project, studying Robert Burns, and the impact of mental health on his life, called bluedevilism.wordpress.com.

Apparently, both his depressed and elevated moods had an impact on his life and his creativity.

Sometimes we see Burns in particularly dark places.

'I have, all this winter, been plagued with low spirits & blue devils, so that I have almost hung my harp on the willow-trees.'
(To James Johnson, February 1794)

At other times, he proudly declares his brilliance in language that captures high spirits:

'By all probability I shall soon be the tenth Worthy, and the eighth Wise Man, of the world.'
(To Gavin Hamilton, 7th December 1786)

Thankyou to wikipedia for the date.

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