28 January 2019

28th January 1567 - First Mental Hospital in the Americas

On 28th January 1567 the First Mental Hospital in the Americas was founded.

Archbishop Montúfar had ordered the construction of a hospital next to the hermitage of San Hipólito. Building began on the 2nd November 1566, and The Hospital y Aliso de Convalescietes de San Hipolito was formally inaugurated by Bernardino Alvarez in Mexico City on January 28th, 1567. It is thought to be the first in the Americas dedicated to serving patients with psychological problems. The hospital had rooms for the mentally ill, elderly priests and the poor. It was administered by the Mexican religious order known as the Brothers of Charity, who collected alms on the streets to maintain the hospital.

Through time the hospital has been transformed and changed function many times and now San Hipólito Hospital is a general medical facility. Thankyou to Today in the History of Psychology for the date. More about Bernardino Alvarez at ca.wikipedia.org .

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