31 January 2019

31st January 1923 - The Maudsley opened

On 31st January 1923 The London County Council Mental Hospital called The Maudsley opened.

The British Journal of Nursing, 27.1.1923, said on page 60 "The Maudsley which will be opened by the L.C.C. on January 31, is the first municipal institution for early treatment of lunacy and scientific research into causes of insanity.".

Work towards the hospital started in February 1908, when the psychiatrist Dr. Henry Maudsley gave £30,000 towards the cost of establishing a specialist hospital for early treatment of mental illness. He wanted it to include Out-patients and facilities for teaching and research. L.C.C paid the other half of the cost.

Various legal and logistics difficulties needed to be overcome before building began. Then it was requisitioned to be used in the First World War and then afterwards in the treatment of former soldiers.

The Maudsley Hospital finally opened on 31st January 1923 (Dr Henry Maudsley had died in 1918, leaving a further bequest to the hospital).

A bronze bust of Maudsley overlooks the main staircase at the Institute of Psychiatry next to the Maudsley Hospital.

In 2000, Bethlem Hospital and Maudsley Hospital became part of the newly formed South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (SLaM).

Thankyou to The British Journal of Nursing for the date, and to Lost Hospitals of London for some of the details

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