14 February 2019

14th February 1903 - Valentine's Day - Jung Love

On 14th February 1903 - Valentine's Day - Carl Jung married Emma Rauschenbach.

Emma Rauschenbach, a wealthy young heiress, fell in love with Carl Jung, a penniless junior psychiatrist. They were married on 14th February 1903, and had five children. Emma took an interest in her husband's intellectual activities and participated in his research, and was a very supportive wife. Carl Jung rose to be one of the leading lights in the increasingly fashionable world of psychoanalysis. Carl was not always faithful and Emma confided to Sigmund Freud (a father figure to Jung in their early days) that it was difficult being the wife of a man with whom 'all women are naturally in love.'

Thankyou to Today in the History of Psychology for the date.

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