19 February 2019

19th February 1868 - Advert asking for Votes for admission to Asylum

An interesting advert appeared on page 2 of The Brighton Guardian on 19th February 1868.

A number of notable gentlemen recommend that Charles Frederick Christian, aged eight years, be elected as a student at The Asylum, Earlswood, Redhill, Surrey. The Father, a Widower, has no other resources than that resulting from his occupation of Drapers Assistant.

From what I can gather from a detailed history of Earlswood found at Lost_Hospitals_of_London 'Admission was by the payment of fees or by election, whereby candidates supplied details of their condition and circumstances and were voted for by subscribers. Each subscriber had a number of votes commensurate with the amount of his subscription - one vote for each half guinea (52p).'

Earlswood was a forward looking institution where young people with learning disabilities were given an education or training in line with their abilities. They were treated as students rather than patients and charitable people sponsored places there. Charles Frederick Christian could have done much worse.

In days to come Queen Victoria would give the institution a Royal Charter and it would be renamed as The Royal Earlswood.

Thankyou to the British Newspaper Archive for this date.

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