20 February 2019

20th February 1901 - Land Prices Force Asylum out of town

There is an article in the Aberdeen Press and Journal on Wednesday 20th February 1901 that described the need for a new Asylum for Edingburgh as required by law. The local board said it was a huge undertaking as the rules stipulated that there should be a minimum of 1/2 an acre per patient, and that to allow growth they would look for 3/4 acre per patient which meant 750 acres for 1000 patients.

The prospect of getting land at a moderate price seemed very difficult until Bangour came on the market, 13 miles outside Edinburgh. They purchased 922 acres for £21,455. Some argued that land should have been bought nearer Edinburgh but the local board had decided that would have raised the cost enormously and would have come to several hundred pounds.

Edinburgh District Asylum was built as a series of villas each holding about 30 patients, and started taking patients in 1904.

Thankyou to the British Newspaper Archive for the article. There is more about what then became known as Bangour Village Hospital in wikipedia.

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