23 February 2019

23rd February 2011 - Adam Ant Mental Health Story

On 23th February 2011 there was media interest, including the BBC, in pop star Adam Ant battling mental health issues

In the 1980s Adam Ant was one of the most recognisable stars on the planet with his sense of style and music. The hits that kept coming.

Revisit Adam in 2011 and he had some run ins and been sectioned twice. Like other creative celebrities he had been labelled as bi-polar. However he found the effects of medication deadened his creativity, and in interviews said that music was the best medication. So he worked with his doctor to find a balance.

Since 2011 Adam Ant has been back in with his music.

In the 2011 BBC interview he said 'If I give you examples of some people with bipolar disorder, you'll find they're all creative and they're all magnificent in their own work.

Kurt Cobain, Edward Munch, Winston Churchill, Van Gogh, Stephen Fry....

You need the dark side and you need the light side to be creative.'

Thankyou to Google News for this date.

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