27 February 2019

27th February 1859 - Bertha Pappenheim born

Bertha Pappenheim was born om 27th February 1859, in Vienna. She was apparently the first patient treated by psychoanalysis. She was a patient of Josef Breuer, and exhibited a variety of nervous symptoms some quite strange, such as being unable to talk in her native German but able to speak English. By describing events in the past Bertha apparently became cured of particular symptoms that were linked. Freud was influenced by her treatment and together with Breuer published her case history in "Studies in Hysteria" where they gave her the name Anna O.

Later on I gather that Bertha became a notable feminist, and was remarkable in other ways.

There is a fuller story of her in The Science Museum's bought to life series of biographies ... Bertha Pappenheim

Acknowledgements to Wikipedia for noting her birthday February 27 - Wikipedia .

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