14 March 2019

14th March 1918 - Strongman's Neurasthenia Cure

On March 14th 1918 there is a large and very detailed advertising article in the Brimingham Daily Mail with the title MR. SANDOW . WHAT IS NEURASTHENIA?

Mr Eugene Sandow ran Sandow's Curative Institute at 32a St James Street, London. At the end of the Victorian era Sandow was a showman who broke cables and chains, lifted people, and showed off his strong physique by flexing his muscles.

Sandow then opened his curative institute to teach others his techniques so that men who had been rejected by the armed forces or the civil service could build up their physique and gain entry. Then as WWI progressed he turned his powers to countering the condition of Neurasthenia. The article explains that neurasthenia attacks the great nerve centre, the cerebellum, where the spinal column goes into the brain, and by disrupting traffic causes nervous problems in the brain and body. Neurasthenia leads to all manner of symptoms from indecision and loss of will power to trembling of the limbs.

The article invites people to write off for a free booklet and then receive postal tutoring from his institute for moderate fees, and by following his advice for a few minutes daily nuerasthenia could be overcome.

Thanks to British Newspaper Archive for the date.

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