16 March 2019

16th March 1853 - New Moon

On Wednesday 16th March 1853 the Dumfries and Galloway Standard had a review of a periodical called The New Moon produced by the inmates of Crichton Asylum. The reviewer is impressed by many of the works in the magazine and says "It proves that man, even amid the aberrations of intellect, is a being of noble and immortal mould, and reveals the gleams of glory and grandeur that flit athwart the gloom of his beclouded and tempest-driven soul'.

Dr William Browne, the medical superintendent of the private asylum, was a pioneer of art and writing therapy.

One inmate wrote in the March 1953 New Moon, about the asylum, "I have found health in the beautiful grounds, amusement in the theatre, and wisdom in the lecture room; and in each and all, kindness and attention"

You could pay £200-£300 a year for a room at this asylum and have your own servants and so it was not for everybody.

The Welcome Institute has digitised The New Moon and it can be read online.

Thanks to the British Newspaper Archive for the date.

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