19 March 2019

19th March 1957 - Orgone Accumulator banned

On 19th March 1957 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration brought an injunction against Dr Wilhelm Reich to stop the distribution and sales of his invention, the Orgone Accumulator.

The Orgone Accumulator was a multilayered metallic box intended to trap health giving radiation (called Orgone) and treat a person suffering from physical or mental illness who sat inside the box. A reporter from the Kent & Sussex Courier tried out the box and said that after twenty minutes he felt a warm glow inside him and a prickling sensation on the skin.

Dr Reich was a passionate man who believed that flying saucers were powered by Orgone, and that Orgone was the source of faith healing and much else that was not understood. He was a one time pupil of Freud who took psychoanalysis to new places.

Dr Reich believed that dark forces were opposing him, and that he was suffering for the good of humanity and so disobeyed the court injunction and continued with his invention. There followed a trial after which Dr Reich was sentenced to two years in prison for contempt of court. He died in prison on 3rd November 1957.

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