28 March 2019

28th March 1941 - Virginia Woolf Dies

On 28th March 1941, Virginia Woolf, the novelist, critic, and diarist, drowned herself near her home in Sussex. She left a note for her husband and a similar note for her sister saying she could not fight any longer. The River Ouse carried her away and she was not discovered for another three weeks. During that time their was mystery about what had happened.

Throughout her life she suffered a number of 'nervous breakdowns', but between she wrote some extraordinary novels, bringing to life the inner thoughts of her characters in a new way.

Browsing the first page of her novel To the Lighthouse ... Mrs Ramsey tells six year old James that if its fine tomorrow they will go to the lighthouse, and he is filled with joy ... 'sitting on the floor cutting out pictures from an illustrated catalogue of the Army and Navy Stores, endowed the picture of a refrigerator as his mother spoke with heavenly bliss..' Then after cutting out objects in the light of radiance, the mood changes when his father says 'But ... it wont be fine.'

Much has been written about her Mental Health and the bad advice she got from doctors. There could well have been a relationship between her creativity and her breakdowns. But she left behind extraordinary novels nobody else could have written.

Thankyou to wikipedia 28th March for the date.

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