03 March 2019

3rd March 1907 - Jung Met Freud

On 3rd March 1907 Carl Jung first met Sigmund Freud.

Jung had long ago encountered the works of Freud and read The Interpretation of Dreams, published by Freud in 1899.

According to a BBC interview, in 1959 with John Freeman, Jung sent Freud his book about dementia praecox, what Schizophrenia was called back then, and as a result they became acquainted.

Jung then went with his wife, Emma, to Vienna for a fortnight and during that time they met Freud and had a long and penetrating conversation.

In the autobiography Memories, Dreams, Reflections, Jung says "He invited me to visit him, and our first meeting took place in Vienna in March 1907. We met at one o'clock in the afternoon and talked virtually without a pause for thirteen hours."

In the BBC interview Jung said they became friends, and among other things had told each other their dreams, the source material of much of psychoanalysis. Asked about Freud's dreams, Jung said "that would be rather indiscreet to tell. It is a professional secret."

John Freeman says "He has been dead for twenty years". 

Jung replies "Ah yes. But his regards last longer than life" 

Thankyou to today in psychology history for the date.

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