06 March 2019

6th March 1864 - Violent Death in Asylum

On 6th March 1864 there was inquest at Prestwick Asylum (near Manchester) on John Boardman, aged 56, who died after being kicked a number of times by another patient. There were conflicting reports about what happened. It was reported that the deceased had become violent and broken a window and needed to be constrained, stripped of his clothes, and locked in his room. Afterwards he complained of pains in his side and it was found he had broken ribs. He reported that he had been attacked by a light haired patient and an attendant named Joel. He was moved to the hospital wing and died. The light haired patient was identified and it was said that he was subject to fits of violence at times, and was not accountable for his actions. The inquest decided that the other patient had killed the deceased but not with malice aforethought. No staff member were implicated in any way. The attendant Joel who had allegedly been there was absent at the time.

Thankyou to the British Newspaper Archive for the date.

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