15 April 2019

15th April 1968 - Star Letter

In the Daily Mirror on the 15th April 1968 the star letter from Mrs I in Manchester told people about going into a Mental Hospital. It was suggested for her as months on anti-depressants had not worked.

She was placed on an 'Open ward' where they were allowed to come and go so long as they were back for meals. In the grounds was a cafe, a shop that sold everything you could want, a library and a recreation room where dances and socials were held. Once a week they went to the local cinema. There were also art classes in the ward.

So the writer says anybody who has to go in for nerves or depression should not worry. Thanks to a marvellous nurse and two fine doctors her stay was brief.

The Editor thanked her saying it would give comfort to others.

With thanks to Trinity Mirror, and British Newspaper Archives, for the date.

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