06 April 2019

6th April 1886 - Walter Dandy was born

Walter Edward Dandy (April 6, 1886 – April 19, 1946) was one of the founding fathers of neurosurgery and is given credit for a number of discoveries including the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain, and surgical treatment of hydrocephalus.

After medical school, Dandy published a study on cerebrospinal fluid production. He created pneumo-encephalography - the basis of neurological imaging for many years. Other innovations included surgery by clipping for aneurysms (bulging blood vessels) and other blood vessel malformations .

To honor his numerous accomplishments the John Hopkins Institute established the Walter E. Dandy Professorship. The link also describes him as great family man with a memoir by his daughter.

Thankyou to Wikipedia 6th April for the date. Picture from John Hopkins Intitute (in public domain).

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