08 April 2019

8th April 1936 - Fevesham Committee starts work

On 8th April 1936 Lord Fevesham chaired the first meeting of the Fevesham Committee. It was formed to 'Inquire into the extent of mental disorder in England and Wales and the measures taken to deal with it by statutory and voluntary agencies. '

It took evidence from many statutory and voluntary services. There were at that time hundreds of local voluntary groups concerned with 'Mental Hygiene' or 'Mental Welfare'. There were also 4 large national organisations:
* The Mental After Care founded by Lord Shaftesbury (established in 1879)
* The Central Association for Mental Welfare (established in 1913)
* The National Council for Mental Hygiene (established in 1922)
* The Child Guidance Council (established in 1927)

One of the main recommendations of this committee, in the report that came out in 1939, was better co-ordination, and the creation of a new central voluntary body.

No real action was taken until after WWII but the organisations did look to work more closely. Then in 1946 The National Association for Mental Health (NAMH) was founded - that later became MIND. It brought together and created a lot of the local organisations as local MINDs.

Thanks to A History of MIND, and The Wellcome library for this information , and Thanks to the Mental Health Timeline for the date and the quote in the first paragraph.

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