09 April 2019

9th April 1850 - George Huntington was born

On April 9th 1850 George Huntington was born.

As a young doctor, aged 22, he described in a paper a condition which he called Chorea. It was a neural degenerative condition that involved brief random involuntary movements, and the loss of control over limbs and speech and swallowing. The onset could start from age 30 to 50. It ran in families with an about 50% chance of inheritance. It also involved mental degeneration.

The word chorea is derived from the Latin 'choreus', meaning dance, and the condition was subsequently called Huntington's Chorea (or disease) after the young doctor who, in his first medical paper, described the condition so well.

Woody Guthrie , the folk singer, had the condition, as did his mum.

Thankyou to today in psychology history for the date.

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