12 May 2019

12th May 1868 - Patient killed by fellow patient

On 12th May 1868 the Freemans journal described an inquest at Richmond District Asylum into the death of James McEntee. A number of the patients were employed getting coal for the institution on Saturday afternoon, when one of them in a fit of frenzy struck McEntee with a heavy spade on the back of the head. The resident medical officer attended immediately, and a surgeon was sent for and arrived within half an hour. But because of the seriousness of the injury, involving a severe fracture of the skull, nothing could be done to save McEntee.

According to the resident medical superintendent at the asylum, the patient who inflicted the fatal blow was deemed to be of unsound mind, and before the occurrence had always been considered of a quiet and inoffensive disposition, and had never shown any violent tendencies.

Thankyou to the British Newspaper Archive for the date.

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