13 May 2019

13th May 1895 - Dr Nandor Fodor born

According to Lisa Morton's Book 'Ghosts: A Haunted History' a new area of psychology appeared around 1925 called Parapsychology - the study of paranormal phenomena. It grew out of the earlier investigation of psychic phenomena, which involved debunking fraudulent mediums and investigating haunted places. One such investigator was Dr Nandor Fodor born on 13th May 1895. He started off as an investigator of psychic phenomena and published The Encyclopedia of Psychic Science in 1934 - it became the standard reference book for paranormal and psychic phenomena.

However he soon became interested in psychoanalysis, and upset other psychic investigators by considering such phenomena as having a psychological basis. The poltergeist is not a ghost. It is a bundle of projected repressions, he stated in a paper on poltergeists.

He went on to become more psychoanalyst than psychic investigator. Thankyou to Wikipedia May 13th for the date.

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