17 May 2019

17th May 1912 - Feeble Minded Persons Control Bill

On 17th May 1912 a private members bill was brought before parliament called the Feeble Minded Persons Control Bill. The object of this bill appeared to be to prevent the increase and propagation of Feeble Minded Persons by controlling their lives. It was an attempt to improve the general population by practising eugenics - the controlled and selective breeding of the human race.

The bill was defeated but in 1913 The Mental Deficiency Act was introduced by government and introduced more categories of persons to be controlled. It ended up sentencing people, who had committed no crime, to imprisonment for life in institutions. To read the debate in Hansard see https://api.parliament.uk/historic-hansard/commons/1912/may/17/feeble-minded-persons-control-bill

Thankyou to Mental Health Timeline for the date.

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