25 May 2019

25th May 1957 - Red Cross Picture Library

Reporting on the annual meeting of the Eastbourne division of the British Red Cross Society, The Eastbourne Herald said that patients are helped by pictures in hospitals. Mrs Montford Bebb spoke on the work of the hospital picture section of the society. She began the scheme in 1945 and by 1957 the hospital picture library had 10,0000 prints and served almost 500 institutions. An advisory panel met four times a year to discuss acquisitions.  Mrs Bebb said the sight of pictures on bare walls help patients’ mental outlook, especially when they were in hospital for long periods. For those who were mentally ill or elderly then pictures were a great solace.

Mrs Bebb went on to say that it could also be used as therapy. There was great comfort in beauty whether by ear or eye. In mental homes where patients could be persuaded to take up painting it often helped the doctors to find the cause of their trouble and assist them to recover. Music was also being introduced into these institutions with much success.  Thankyou to British Newspaper Archive for this article. All rights reserved.

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