27 May 2019

27th May 1913 - Second Essex County Asylum opened

Name: Second Essex County Asylum

Opened: 27th May 1913

Reason for building: First Essex County Asylum at Brentwood was full and the county decided to put a new asylum in the other half of the county

Other Names: Essex and Colchester Mental Hospital, Severalls Mental Hospital, Severalls Hospital

Architect: Frank Whitmore & William Town

Layout: Large ward buildings connected by corridors in the echelon style, with outlying villas in the colonial style

Peak usage: 1800 patients

History Book: Madness in Its Place: Narratives of 1913-1997 - Diana Gittins

Heroism: Nurse Muriel Jackson crawled through debris after a WWII bombing raid that killed 38 patients and tended to the wounded

Closed: March 1997 and derelict for almost 20 years which led to stories of haunting

Redevelopment: stalled in 2008 due to the financial crash. 730 homes are being built as part of a joint venture from Bloor Homes, Taylor Wimpey and Bellway Homes. The war memorial will be moved to a new location.

Acknowledgements: The Internet

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