29 May 2019

29th May 1957 - Call to Scrap Mental Health Laws

The front page headline in the Lancashire Evening Post for the 29th May 1957 was 'Scrap Mental Health Laws - Commission - Treat Cases just like other patients'

The Percy Commission began a thorough examination of the law in 1954 and published a report in 1957, and said the law should be altered so that whenever possible suitable care may be provided for mentally disordered patients with no more restriction of liberty or legal formality than is applied to people who need care because of other types of illness, disability or social difficulty.

They also recommended

Wherever possible people should be treated in the community and not in large institutions and so more and better community services were needed.


The Mental Health service should be integrated with the rest of the NHS.

Thanks to the British Newspaper Archive for the date.

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