22 May 2019

22nd May 2019 - Whorlton Hall Panorama

Panorama again uncovered and showed abuse in a care hospital for people with learning disabilities and autism. The private hospital funded by the NHS was called Whorlton Hall, and the abuse involved mocking, bullying and provocation by staff and then over frequent physical restraint. There were also reports of patients being hit. This happened eight years after Panorama uncovered abuse at Winterbourne View where an undercover reporter filmed residents being kicked, punched, and mocked.

After the Winterbourne View abuse the government commissioned a report that said such institutions should be closed down and that has not happened. Back then there were 3,400 people with learning disabilities or autism in such institutions, far from home. That number is now around 2,300. Such institutions have not yet been consigned to history and replaced with smaller housing in the community as the earlier report recommended.

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