31 May 2019

31st May 1911 - Edward Adamson was born

Edward Adamson was born on 31st May 1911. He was an artist who believed that art was therapeutic. He began by taking art to a tuberculosis sanatorium, and then to Netherne Mental Hospital in 1946 where he became the first artist employed by the NHS. He began art classes, and wanted patients to be free to express themselves , and did not seek to analyse their works. He also did some art himself including costume designs for Christmas pantomimes at Netherne. In 1964 he helped establish the British Association of Art Therapists. He worked at Netherne until retiring in 1981. In later years he moved to prefer the idea of Outsider Art, and collected lots of outsider art that he exhibited.

Most of these details come from the wellcome library blog.

The picture is from the recent Mind Art Group exhibition in Abingdon.

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