10 June 2019

10th June 1935 - Founding of Alcoholics Anonymous

On 10th June 1935 Dr. Bob Smith of Akron, Ohio stopped drinking alcohol with the help of his new friend, Bill Wilson from New York. Bill was passing on the method of abstinence he had himself learned from another as part of a chain. Being in a strange town where the bar in his hotel was a temptation Bill had sought out another alcoholic who he could help as part of the method.

They consider that alcoholism is a progressive condition which cannot be cured but can be arrested through total abstinence from alcohol in any form. The method involved admitting the problem and powerlessness against. It involved a spiritual transformation. It involved making amends, and helping other alcoholics. Their 12-step program became the model for many other groups.

The date Dr Bob gave up drink is considered the founding of the first Alcoholics Anonymous group, as together they sought out other hopeless drunks.

Thankyou to today in psychology history for the date.

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